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Elite Disney

an elite disney icon challenge community

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welcome to elite disney!

This challenge community is dedicated to all Disney movies! It was created by vapor and communities like inspired by elite_stock and createandshine.

Every challenge, you will be given a theme. You then can enter up to three icons from any Disney movie that qualifies. Every theme will be different, so make sure you pay careful attention! :)

Your mod is vapor. If you ever have any problems, comments, or questions, feel free to contact her!

- Since this is an elite community, you must apply. Do NOT request to join without submitting an application first.
- Only apply if you actually plan on participating. It's sad to have a bunch of members but no entries. :(
- Entries and voting are not anonymous. Entries will be submitted in a new entry.
- Three entries may be submitted per person.
- All icons must be made new for the challenge and be in LJ standard: no bigger than 100x100 pixels or 40 KB.
- Any effects are allowed EXCEPT animation. Blending, text, textures, etc. are all accepted, unless otherwise stated in the challenge post.
- Icons may not contain spoilers for new movies. Please wait at least a month after the movie comes out.
- Icons must only be from Disney movies that are released in theatres. Please view this post to know what you're allowed to use for entries.
- Everyone is welcome to watch the community to give feedback and help with voting.

Sunday: The new challenge is posted and lasts for two weeks.
Wednesday-Friday: Reminders are posted.
Sunday: Voting is posted. (Little overlap of challenges.)
Monday: Winners are posted.

profile codes + layout codes + layout header + profile graphics + affiliate + suggestion box + application + past challenges