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30 June 2009 @ 04:25 pm
Member Application  
Here is the member application! In order to be accepted and participate in challenges, you must apply here. There are currently two co-mods and you must get a 'YES' vote from each mod.

By becoming a member of elite_disney you will be allowed to enter the challenges. Please make sure you've read the rules in the profile and the challenge posts, and be aware of our probation policy.

I and the other mods certainly do not claim to be the best of the iconmakers out there. When accepting or rejecting applications, we are looking at creative and technical aspects. For example, if most of your icons are very oversharpened or have all the same crop, we probably won't be accepting you.

Also, please do not apply unless you feel you can take some critiques and advice. :)

- The icons in your application must be no more than six months old. All your icon examples must be from animated Disney movies. We mods feel making Disney icons is very different from live-action/people icons, so seeing icons other than Disney is rather pointless.
- Never request to join the community! You will be sent an invitation if your application is accepted. Accept the invitation here.
- Copy and paste the form below into a comment.
- Applications will be deleted one month after they're accepted or rejected.
- If your application is rejected, you may reapply in one month. I always make sure to delete applications after one month, so once you see that your old application is gone, it means you can reapply.
- If you are rejected, I would very much appreciate it if you'd still continue to watch the community. :)


Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the community whether you're accepted or not. :)